Ashera® & Savannah™ Pregnancy (Week by Week Analysis)

How Long Are Savannah & Ashera Cats® Pregnant?


Pregnancy in Savannah™ & Ashera Cats® lasts about two months. A cat stays pregnant between 63 to 67 days, though it may be as long as 72 days. Often, a cat won’t display signs of pregnancy until two or three weeks into the term. That gives a pet owner a little more than a month to plan and prepare. Track your cats stages of pregnancy by downloading this application on your phone.

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Savannah™ & Ashera Cats® Pregnancy Diet


Weeks 1 - 2 of Pregnancy (for domestic queen)

Canned Food: Natures Variety Instinct Can Food

Dry Food: Instinct Chicken Freeze-Dried


Weeks 3 - 9 of Pregnancy (for domestic queen)

Canned KITTEN Food: Natures Variety Instinct Can Food

Dry KITTEN Food: Instinct Chicken Freeze-Dried 

Post Birth Diet For The Newborn Kittens:


Weeks 1 - 8 of Kittens Life: Milk For Weaning Period or Bonding

Wean kittens onto a raw, ground chicken diet (organic) , supplemented with "RX Feline Vitamins and Minerals". Once kittens are eating their raw chicken well, 

Zupreem Exotic Feline Diet or Natures Variety Instinct Can Food, is mixed into the "raw ground chicken" at an increasing rate, until the kittens are exclusively eating the Zupreem Exotic Feline Diet or Natures Variety Instinct Can Food. At all times, kittens should have access to Instinct Chicken Freeze-Dried. A Savannah cat eating primarily wet food tends to drink very little. Because moisture content in wet food is so high, not much water is required. Continue to add "RX Feline Vitamins and Minerals" to each meal for the best results.


Weeks 9 - 11 of Kittens Life:

At nine to eleven weeks of age, when kittens are ready to go to their furever home, their diet is Zupreem Exotic Feline Diet (COMPLETE DIET) or Natures Variety Instinct Can Food + "RX Feline Vitamins and Minerals". Most have begun to nibble on Instinct Chicken Freeze-Dried dry food, although the kittens may not be eating sufficient dry food to sustain themselves.


Weeks 11+ of Kittens Life (at furever home):


Option #1: Zupreem Exotic Feline Diet (COMPLETE DIET)


Option #2: Natures Variety Instinct Can Food + "RX Feline Vitamins and Minerals"


Option #3: Orijen Free Run Chicken, Turkey & Wild Caught Fish (grain free) + "RX Feline Vitamins and Minerals" 

Option #4: We feed kittens a properly balanced raw diet once a day that we buy prepackaged (Ground chicken bones & organs) from HARE TODAY. Providing a balanced raw diet is key otherwise raw is not a healthier option. Raw is the healthiest option for your cat.



Supplements:  Our Veterinarian recommends the Tomlyn Immune Support L-Lysine Powder Cat Supplement. It is a veterinarian formulated supplement that supports your cat’s immune system, respiratory and eye health. Taste tested and loved by cats and kittens, safe and effective for cats of all ages. Especially good for kittens going to a new home dealing with the stress of relocation.




Post Birth Kitten Care 


1. Assist the mom/queen cat with her kittens with an Incubator to expedite growth: 

Large Kitten Incubator

Larger Incubator (Cheaper Option)


2. Tutorial: