Pet Boarding Services

Ashera® Pet Boarding Policies
  •   The monthly budget for your cat food, nutrition, supplements, nail grooming (to create a safe environment) and cat litter is $100 (standard fee).


  • However, the monthly budget for your cat during her gestation/pregnancy period is $500 (once the licensed veterinarian confirms artificial insemination appointment). This will cover veterinarian appointments (x-rays), transportation cost, consultation services, post birth rehabilitation, husbandry services, food & supplements throughout the 60-75 day gestation period, nail grooming (to create a safe environment) and cat litter.


  • Once your cat is impregnated, it’s the breeders choice on whether you’d like us to transport your cat directly to your facility or if you’d like us to provide additional pet boarding services during the 60-75 day gestation period.


  • We cannot guarantee that toys, bags, blankets, or beds will be kept in the same condition as brought in. 


  • All cats must have current vaccinations per their veterinarian’s recommendations (if not current, please notify us so that we can arrange your cat's appointment).


  •  A licensed veterinarian can administer all types of medications (if needed upon your request/approval), including injections such as insulin during your cat’s visit.


  • We allow cats from the same household to share space that's provided and they can eat together. 


  • All cats must be in a kennel/bag when entering or leaving the premises.


  • We require that you let us know in advance if your cat is allergic to anything.


  • Reservations are required for boarding. We request that you give us at least a 72 hour advanced notice from the start of the reservation for any changes. If your changes create a vacancy, we will try to fill it in those 72 hours. PLEASE NOTE: ONCE YOUR RESERVATION IS BOOKED, YOU WILL BE BILLED FOR THE FULL BOOKING UNLESS YOU GIVE AT LEAST 3 DAYS NOTICE PRIOR TO THE START OF THE RESERVATION.


  • We recommend that you have/get cat insurance.


  • Cat owner understands the risks involved with communal boarding of cats. Our boarding cats sometimes play both outside and inside with other cats. Although we will offer reasonable care, the unpredictable personality of cats can sometimes lead to injury. Cat owners agree that any problem that develops with their cat will be treated as deemed best by The Ashera Cat Organization and full financial responsibility for all expenses will be assumed by the cat owner (this is why we recommend basic cat insurance).


  • Cat owner understands that The Ashera Cat Organization liability, of any circumstance related to the cat, will not exceed the current chattel value of the cat that you've placed on the pet boarding application and on this agreement (same breed as the one in our care).


  • Due to the communal nature and for safety/liability concerns, We do not allow any aggressive cats for boarding.


  • If at any time you'd like to withdraw your cat from our facility, we'll need to arrange flight or ground transportation.


  • Breeders shall receive text messages or email notifications from the veterinarian in regards to their cat’s appointments. Please keep in mind that the cat owner is responsible for their cat expenses (food, veterinarian appointments, supplements etc..)